Our Story

Smokehouse Bandits is the latest banner from Manos Sakellis, who previously launched such successful barbecue teams as Jack the Ribber, Fat Albert, and Outlaw Smokers with his brother Jack. Leveraging 40 years of culinary experience, including 10 years professionally barbecuing, and a true passion for Texas-style barbecue ribs, Manos is already earning rave reviews across Canada for Smokehouse Bandits’ succulent offerings and unique flavours.

Over the past 10 years, Manos built 3 outstanding teams with a total of 4 barbecuing trailers, took part in over 30 different shows per season, and won more than 50 awards.

In 2012, Manos debuted Smokehouse Bandits on the Rib Festival Circuit, winning such awards as "Best Ribs", "Best Sauce" and "Best Chicken" in its inaugural year.

With Smokehouse Bandits, Manos has taken his barbecue technique to the next level. The secret recipe starts with a homemade dry rub - a perfect blend of savory spices with a slight tang - after which they are smoked for 5 hours over a mixture of wood varieties that creates the perfect flavour. Next, the ribs are doused in Smokehouse Bandits’ secret sauce - a sweet and tangy blend with a slightly spicy finish - and grilled over an open wood flame. The result is what Manos believes to be an exquisite rack of ribs and makes Smokehouse Bandits truly Canada’s Most Wanted Ribs!

We invite you to visit us at one of our shows, and try a rack for yourself!